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A threat intelligence platform to elevate your app security.

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Alice Threat Intelligence Alice Threat Intelligence

Respond in the moment to cybersecurity incidents.

As the digital frontier expands, so does the threat landscape. Alice is a threat intelligence solution that bridges the gap between vigilance and action. It gives you a real-time view of the threats your app is up against and shows you the attacks DexProtector is stopping.

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Real-time attack detection

Spot, track, and analyze attacks in the moment. Detect and act on tampering attempts, the injection of malicious logic, and dynamic instrumentation attacks, among others.

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Application security insights

App threat intelligence insights are presented in a clear, easy-to-use dashboard. You can even tailor the output data for your specific reporting needs.

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Rapid incident detection

Take a deep dive into the details of attacks with a range of helpful search filters. Alice even offers a smart feature that predicts incidents you’re searching for.

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Proactive risk mitigation

Stored data that DexProtector passes to Alice can be accessed via the API, giving you an interface you can use to send on to your local risk analysis system.

Mobile XDR for Android and iOS: A new era of proactive protection.

Alice's extended detection and response (XDR) makes it one of the most effective threat intelligence platforms on the market. It seamlessly unifies data from across the mobile device. This provides you with a panoramic view of potential threats.

And because Mobile XDR uses converging data sources, it enables quicker identification and more effective response strategies. It also brings you deeper insights that you can action to make your application more resilient over time.

Actionable business benefits for mission-critical mobile apps.

Comply with industry regulations

Attack data to amplify your app’s resilience

Attack data from mobile applications is often overlooked when security postures are being plotted - even though apps are now crucial customer-facing assets. Alice Threat Intelligence checks and clears this blind spot. It shares data that you can use to create a more stable, continuous security structure for your business.

Comply with industry regulations

Regulations like MPoC require you to report attack data from your mobile app. Alice is fully A&M (attestation and monitoring system) compliant as its data comes directly from DexProtector - the one trusted source of attack data on your mobile app.

Improve your fraud scoring system

Because you can trust the accuracy of the data Alice shares with you, it’s a good idea to feed that data to your fraud scoring system. Doing so will improve that system over time. It will also lead to a reduction in the number of false positives that the system records.

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Turn your attack data into transformative security insights.