Stringer Java Obfuscator

The complete Java application security solution.

Stringer Java Obfuscator Stringer Java Obfuscator

Your Java obfuscator for standalone, desktop, and enterprise apps.

Stringer Java Obfuscator expertly stops tampering, reverse engineering, and other sophisticated attacks. Simple to set up and able to integrate seamlessly into your build process, there's a good reason why Stringer has proven itself to be the most advanced and reliable Java application security solution available.


Supports Java Platform (Standard Edition), Java Platform (Enterprise Edition Jakarta), Java Platform (Micro Edition) and Java FX, Eclipse RCP, Netbeans RCP.

Application servers

Supports Apache Tomcat, Apache TomEE, Glassfish, Jetty, Wildfly, IBM Websphere Application Server, Oracle WebLogic Server, JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.

Deep-rooted Java protection without a hit on performance.

Not all Java obfuscators are built the same. Stringer Java Obfuscator works at a deep level with the final app containers to protect your assets and code transparently. This helps to tamper proof your app.

Instant integration

Save time with instant integration

Stringer is simple to set up. Run it via the Command line or by using a plugin like Gradle or Maven - either way, protecting your application is a seamless process.

Instant integration

Protect on premises and avoid online risks

Don't expose your app to the unnecessary risks that come with cloud-based security solutions. Stringer operates offline in a safe environment you control.

Instant integration

Secure your app without slowing it down

Stringer's multi-layered security might be complex behind the scenes. but it doesn’t compromise performance. Your app retains its speed and responsiveness without any lag.


Innovative protection mechanisms made to stop malicious threats.

What's at stake?

  • Why you need advanced Java application security

    In our digitally interconnected world, Java apps - both Standard Edition (SE) and Enterprise Edition (EE) - are vital for critical business operations. And because they handle sensitive data and interact with other secure services, they have become an attractive target for attacks.

  • Protection that acts as a trust enabler

    Implement a secure execution environment like Stringer's Java Card Virtual Machine, and you ensure the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive operations. This enhanced protection helps to safeguard your app's core functionalities and maintains the trust you've built with users.

Stringer Java Obfuscator stops a wide range of threats. It's your shield against the damaging impact of attacks.

  • reverse engineering
  • vulnerabilities
  • IP theft
  • fraud
  • malware injection
  • repackaging
  • runtime tampering
  • sensitive data theft

How it works

Stringer’s protection layers work together to secure your app from dangerous attacks.

Code and resource hardening

Stringer started life as a java string obfuscator. But these days it does much more than that. Its code and resource hardening (obfuscation, encryption, virtualization, and isolation) makes your app's decompiled code almost impossible for a bad actor to understand. This first protection step is vital in stopping attackers from static reverse engineering - and decompiling and modifying - your app.

Code and resource hardening

Secure runtime environment

Stringer can operate as a virtual trusted execution environment (vTEE), offering a safe, secure place for sensitive transactions to take place. This is incredibly important for applications - particularly in the financial and healthcare industries

Secure runtime environment

Secure network communications

Almost all apps communicate with the outside world via the network. This is particularly true for financial and healthcare applications that deal with sensitive information. Hackers know about this and are constantly on the lookout for ways to hijack it - be that via sniffing tools or man-in-the-middle attacks. Stringer uses SSL Pinning to make sure that your app only communicates with the genuine server.
Secure network communications

Application integrity

Stringer's integrity control stops attackers tampering with your app. It's a crucial defensive mechanism because without it hackers can inject malicious code, repackage, or clone your app. They can even remove other protection mechanisms. Stringer will detect it if the JAR has been modified - for example to illegally change the permissions of the app so that more people can access it than have paid to do so.

Application integrity

Get powerful Java application security for your app - whatever environment or OS it's operating in.

Stringer Java Obfuscator 9.3

Introducing the latest version of Stringer, where Java 13 support and the new WebContainer integration mechanisms have been introduced.

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